Blaine Billman

Blaine Billman has been working with wildlife and studying the people and cultures of the Pacific Northwest for many years and has blended their dynamic art styles with his contemporary pen and ink techniques.  These one of a kind images offer a unique perspective on the bold and graceful art of this region. His intricate and highly detailed drawings are done using crow quill and technical pens with a very time-consuming pointillism technique.  Drawing times for individual pieces start at around 250 hours but most go much more and require infinite patience. His unique style of blending the mystical with the natural aspects of his subjects show a deep respect for the cultures of the Northwest Coast "First Peoples" and make a valuable addition to any collection.
Blaine’s drawings have been exhibited worldwide through the Art in Embassies program and have been featured in exhibits at the National Museum of Art/Smithsonian, the Nightwalker Exhibition, and the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Exhibition. His work has also been used to promote native American and wildlife programs and has graced the covers of numerous wildlife and conservation magazines.
Now living in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley, Blaine spends as much time as possible outdoors either canoeing, hiking, or nordic skiing with his wife, Sue. Okay, their German shepherd Ty hangs with them too but not their goats. He’s had the pleasure of working with Taku Graphics for nearly two decades now and is looking forward to many more years and new art pieces to come.