Mark Kelley

"People often inquire why I choose to live and photograph in Southeast Alaska. The following is my answer to this question. On an early day in April it had snowed overnight in the mountains and the day dawned clear blue and snowflake clean. I caught the first chair at Eaglecrest (Juneau's ski area) and skied half a dozen runs in powder and sunshine before rushing downtown to board a sailboat in order to photograph the season's opening race. After the last boat crossed the finish line, I headed back to Eaglecrest to get in a few more runs before last chair. That evening I went out to eat, and after dinner I walked outside and into a stunning display of northern lights. I thought 'wow' and I knew Juneau and Southeast Alaska was home."

For over 35 years, Mark has photographed the people, scenery, and wildlife of Southeast Alaska.

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